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Interesting Facts about Designer Jeans

Designer jeans are for those people who want the best and also want to feel relaxed and comfortable. You want to slip out of your suit but you don’t want to lose all the style and class associated with dressing well. For some people, jogging pants are simply not an option.
There are many new makes on the market and the popularity that had slumped in previous decades is well and truly back. Fashion has changed a lot since back then and some facets have become more extreme.
For example, if you were in the market for the most expensive denim pants available then prepare to be amazed. The most expensive pair right now is worth one and a half million dollars. These were made by a new company and are designed with a generous collection of large diamonds sewn into the pant.
But it is not just new fashions that are selling for a very high price. A pair that were found in a Californian goldmine and reported to be over a century old went in an online auction for thirty six thousand dollars.
But back to present day. A lot of new designers are producing fine quality skinny pants. The difference between these and the kind you find at the mall is the quality. The finest denim is sourced and the best weaves are used.
There will also be a lot of hand stitching and intricate work that you will not find on a regular pair. This is going to make you stand out and create a really eye catching look.
Fit is one of the biggest differences between this type and the ones you find in the mall. Everything is going to feel right. The shape and embroidery is designed to enhance what need to be enhanced and hide what needs to be hid.
The standard brands are trying to keep up with the more expensive end of the market. Individuality and one off designs are very desirable and the mall realises this. They are bridging the gap and making custom denim reachable for everyone.
These are some of the facts and history about designer jeans. These are really going to add some style and class to your wardrobe collection. Once you decide to buy a pair of these you will notice the difference immediately. Not just in the way you look but also in the way everyone looks at you.
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